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Douglas Hales: Saskatchewan; Although he lost a mistrial motion based on The Supreme Court of Canada's recent "Mr. Big" (Nelson Hart case) Douglas Hales is hardly giving up. He wants to be allowed to re-open the defence case and call witnesses. CJME.

COUNTDOWN: 8  days to Wrongful Conviction Day: (Thursday October 2, 2014); 

STORY: "Judge rules against mistrial in Saskatoon (Mr. Big) murder case," by reporter Bryn Levy, published by CJME on September 22, 2014.

GIST: "In what's now known as the Hart ruling, the Supreme Court outlined a new test for Mr. Big evidence. That ruling came down July 31st as Allbright was still working on a verdict. Previously, statements recorded in Mr. Big stings were treated as no different than an admission made to a person on the street.  But, in overturning the conviction of Newfoundland's Nelson Hart, the high court declared the Crown would now be required to prove that any evidence obtained was of sufficient value to outweigh serious misgivings about the prejudicial effect of Mr. Big evidence at trial.   Hrycan argued that a new trial was the only way to fairly apply the new test outlined in the Hart ruling.  He said it would be impossible for Allbright to separate himself from the evidence he'd heard throughout the month-long trial that wrapped up in June.  Hrycan further argued that his cross-examination of the undercover officers involved in the sting and Hales' own testimony would have gone differently in light of the new rules. In delivering his ruling, Allbright flatly rejected Hrycan's argument, saying judges are often called upon to discount evidence as they deliberate and that he'd be comfortable doing so if, after hearing all arguments, he felt that was necessary.  Ultimately, Allbright said he probably would have declared a mistrial if there had been a jury present, but, since it was a judge-alone matter he decided it was better to proceed. He said both sides would have an opportunity to argue the Hart test at a later date.........Allbright set a court date of Oct. 22. At that time, the defence will apply to re-open its case and ask to call witnesses.  Another date will have to be set to do that and Miazga acknowleged that it would be unlikely for any verdict to be reached before the New Year."

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