Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Henry Keogh: An informative chapter from Dr. Bob Moles book "Losing their grip - the case of Henry Keogh" looks at the cross-examination of prosecution pathologist Colin Manock - author of the hypothesis that Anna Cheney had died as a result of forced drowning in fresh water in the bath - and finds that the answers produce "some rather alarming and extraordinary revelations." (Must Read. HL);

 COUNTDOWN: 9 days to Wrongful Conviction Day: (Thursday October 2, 2014); 

CHAPTER:"Losing their grip - the case of Henry Keogh: Chapter eleven: Getting closer to the truth, " by Dr Robert Moles. (This is excellent background to the forensic issues at the heart of the on-going appeal. HL);

GIST:  "The second day of the Medical Board hearing was taken up with the cross-examination of Dr James and then Dr Manock. This was in fact allowed to extend over to a short period on the following morning. This chapter is based upon the transcript of what Dr James and Dr Manock had to say at the hearing and in their affidavits and other written submissions. The principle duty of an expert witness is to assist the court. It is important that the expert should not be seen as acting for one side against another, even though they will have been called by one side. The expert has to be objective and impartial. It follows then that all pathologists have a duty to consider and investigate explanations consistent with the innocence of an accused person. [1] We will examine each of the factors involved in this case to see if they meet the standards expected of impartial and expert witnesses. The questioning at the Medical Board hearing closely examined the elements of Dr Manock’s hypothesis, namely, that Anna Cheney had died as a result of forced drowning in fresh water in the bath. The answers produced some rather alarming and extraordinary revelations."

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