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Mark Lundy: New Zealand; (Convicted of murdering his wife and daughter); Pre-trial hearing under way to consider scientific evidence for retrial. TVNZ.

COUNTDOWN: 7 days to Wrongful Conviction Day: (Thursday October 2, 2014); Update: Recent signed up participants: These include the Irish Innocence Project and  the Canadian National Association's Active in Criminal Justice.  (NAACJ). The NAACJ  consists of 17 member organizations including the John Howard Society, the Elizabeth Fry Society and the Church Council on Justice. Breaking News: Seneca College (Ontario) has just come on Board!

STORY: "Arguments over evidence in Mark Lundy trial put to High Court,"  published by NZTV on September 22, 2014.

GIST: A pre-trial hearing of scientific evidence is underway at the High Court in Wellington ahead of the retrial of double-murder accused Mark Lundy. Lundy is charged with murdering his wife Christine, 37, and daughter Amber, 7, at the family's Palmerston North home in August 2000. Last October the Privy Council at London overturned his convictions for the murders of his wife and daughter and ordered a retrial, which is set to take place in February. All arguments and evidence presented at the pre-trial hearing today has been suppressed in an order by Justice Stephen Cos..........The 56-year-old had spent 12 years behind bars before his convictions were overturned."

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Wikipedia account: "In November 2012, Lundy applied to Judicial Committee of the Privy Council seeking permission to appeal his murder convictions. The appeal was based on three issues: the time of death, the time of shutdown of Christine's computer, and the presence of brain tissue on Lundy's shirt.[21] The hearing before the Privy Council (including Chief Justice of New Zealand Dame Sian Elias) began on 17 June 2013. The Privy Council reserved its decision after the three day hearing.[3] Possible decisions could be to reject the appeal, thus affirming Lundy's convictions and sentence; to overturn the convictions and order a new trial; or to send the case back to the Court of Appeal in New Zealand for determination.[21] On 4 October 2013, the Privy Council upheld Lundy's appeal against his double murder convictions and quashed them, ordering a retrial. It concluded that Lundy's convictions were "unsafe" in light of new evidence that had been presented. Lundy is set to be retried in the High Court." 

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