Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Bulletin: Ed Graf: Texas: KCEN reports that he reached a plea deal with prosecutors, pleaded guilty Tuesday afternoon and was sentenced to 6o years in penitentiary...More later. HL.

Ed Graf Pleads Guilty

(KCEN) -- Ed Graf reached a plea deal with his prosecutors on Tuesday. He plead guilty on Tuesday afternoon. The prosecution and the defense each gave their closing arguments on Monday. Graf was being retried for the 1986 murder of his two stepsons. The judge has sentenced him to 60 years in penitentiary.

See related News 25 (KXXV) story: While a McLennan County jury was deliberating the guilt or innocence of Ed Graf Tuesday, Graf entered a plea agreement and was sentenced abruptly to 60 years. Graf admitted to setting a backyard fire in 1986 that killed his two stepsons, Joby and Jason. He pleaded guilty to two counts of murder. He was originally convicted in 1988 of setting the fire, but was given a new trial after experts raised questions about the testimony of fire investigators at his first trial.  The plea agreement calls for two 60 year sentences to be served concurrently. Graf has served 28 years behind bars and will be eligible to apply for parole immediately......... The judge sent jurors home after more than six hours of deliberations Monday, with instructions to return to court Tuesday morning. During that time, the jury sent three notes to the judge.  First they wanted to know how many jurors it takes to reach a unanimous verdict. Then they said they were stuck at 10 to 2 and needed help.  The judge told them to keep working.  Finally, they asked to have some testimony from the trial read back to them. The state and defense both gave jurors a lot to think about Monday.  During closing arguments, prosecuting attorneys told the jury they don't need to know how Graf got the boys in the shed or how he started the fire in order to find him guilty.  District Attorney Abel Reyna said, "We do know Ed Graf set that fire. How he pulled this off, there's only four that know.  Two of them he killed, one of them is sitting here and the other he has yet to meet." But the defense maintained that the fire was nothing more than a tragic accident started by a pair of rambunctious kids. "Defense attorney Walter Reaves said, "Two boys lost their life that day.  Ed Graf lost two adopted sons, subsequently lost his only child, his marriage. Twenty eight years later, we are now here to give him his life back.""



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