Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Jeremy Yerger; Tacoma, Washington; Newspaper reports that the jury will decide " if this is a case of shaken baby or "junk science."" Defence expert witness Dr. Patrick Barnes (Stanford Medical Center) testifies that the deceased 4-month-old child was likely injured in the birth process. My Northwest.

STORY: "Defence debunks shaken baby syndrome in Tacoma trial, by reporter  Tim Haeck, published by My Northwest, on October 13,  2014.

SUB-HEADING: "Defense in Pierce County assault trial claims shaken baby syndrome "bogus."

GIST: "Not long after a 4-month-old boy came into the emergency room at a Tacoma hospital, doctors were sure his head injuries were the result of abuse. It happens all the time. The baby wouldn't stop crying. The father was arrested and put on trial. But also on trial is the diagnosis itself. When doctors examined the baby in April 2013, they found a familiar triad of symptoms; retinal hemorrhage (bleeding in the eyes), subdural hematoma (blood on the brain) and cerebral edema (excess fluid on the brain.) When Jeremy Yerger was arrested, police say the father gave a conflicting statement, first admitting then denying he shook his infant son, adding, "I'm sure I did something to hurt him." One doctor told police it was a classic case of "shaken baby syndrome.".........An expert in pediatric neuro-radiology testified for the defense last week in Yerger's assault trial at the Pierce County Courthouse. "It is inconclusive -- whatever research model is used, that shaking can cause any component of the triad without impact unless the weak link is injured," said Dr. Patrick Barnes with Stanford Medical Center. "And the weak link is the baby's neck.".........On the witness stand, Stanford's Barnes testified for the defense that there are what he called "mimics" to injury attributed to abuse. "In other words, other conditions that are not abuse that can look like abuse." Some critics of shaken baby syndrome claim that accidental falls can mimic abuse. "Even the child abuse literature recognizes that many of these conditions can be accidental," added Barnes.........On the witness stand in Tacoma, Dr. Barnes reviewed CT scans and MRIs, revealing possible fractures of the injured baby's skull. "Trying to date these fractures (is) really difficult. Could it be older? Yes. Could it possibly date back to birth? Yes." Dr. Barnes told the Tacoma jury that the child, in this case, was likely injured in the birth process.".........A court order prevents Yerger, 37, from seeing his son. The military veteran is charged with first degree child assault. A jury will decide if this is a case of shaken baby or "junk science."

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