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Hillsborough sporting disaster: Mother tells inquests that testing her 15-year-old son for alcohol was 'unforgivable'. Liverpool Echo reports that the jury has already heard that all 96 victims had blood alcohol levels taken on the instruction of the coroner at the initial 1991 inquests, Dr Stefan Popper."

PUBLISHER'S NOTE: I am dipping into this massive set of inquests from time to time - when the evidence relates to the roles of pathologists and the Coroner's Inquest system in backing up  the police cover-up  that the fans were at fault for the tragic events which took 96 lives and injured so many more.

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STORY: "Hillsborough mum tells inquests testing her 15-year-old son for alcohol was 'unforgivable', by reporter Dan Kay, published by The Liverpool Echo on October 14, 2014.

SUB-HEADING: Dolores Steele's late husband Les told her after being 'grilled' by police: "They're going to say the fans were all drunk."

GIST: "A mum whose 15-year-old son died at Hillsborough has told the new inquests the decision to test his body afterwards for alcohol was 'unforgiveable'.
The jury has already heard  that all 96 victims had blood alcohol levels taken on the instruction of the coroner at the initial 1991 inquests, Dr Stefan Popper.........
They waited to see his body for over an hour but Philip had been taken back to Hillsborough stadium. There Mr Steele, who has since passed away, identified his son at 9.30pm in the gym. Mrs Steele said: "Les was just a zombie when he walked out of that room. And his words to me were, 'they have grilled me in there for over an hour and I know what they're going to say. "They're going to say the fans were all drunk." Some time later Mrs Steele discovered through the press that blood samples had been taken from her son, which she now knows was to look for alcohol. She told the jury: "That makes me very angry. It makes me very angry. Because I know if Philip needed, if there had been something wrong with him and he needed an operation, someone would have to come to me and ask for my permission, either me or to his father and that didn't happen. "They took a blood sample from a minor. That's unforgivable to me.

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STORY: "Hillsborough inquest: Questions and answers: The new Hillsborough inquests begin today in Warrington, almost 25 years after Britain's worst sporting disaster and 18 months after the verdicts in the original inquests were quashed," by Ben Rumsby, published by the Telegraph on March 31, 2014;

GIST: "Why were fresh inquests ordered? Twenty years after the Hillsborough disaster, following repeated attempts to force a re-examination of what went wrong and whether the truth had been covered up, the Government finally instituted the Hillsborough Independent Panel. Its report, published in September 2012, absolved Liverpool fans of any responsibility, found the police were mainly to blame and demonstrated that witness statements had been deliberately altered. It also determined up to 41 of those who died may have been saved had the emergency services response been improved. None of this had emerged during the original inquests, which controversially returned verdicts of accidental death."


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