Saturday, October 18, 2014

Junk Science: Radley Balko takes on the peddling of junk science in American classrooms - which he says ensures that the next generation has its fair share of forensic quackery. The Watch; The Washington Post;

"Does your kid have an aptitude for junk science? Does he or she get excited at the possibility of putting innocent people in prison? With the “Bite Marks Analysis Kit” from Nasco, we can support junk science in the classroom, thus ensuring the next generation has its fair share of forensic quackery.........Most regrettably, the kit is hosted in the “Science” section of the Nasco Web site. The company also offers kits for science-challenged forensic disciplines such as blood spatter analysis (see critique here) and hair and fiber analysis (see critique here).  All of these are subjective fields of forensic analysis. (Unlike, say, DNA testing, which is objective and has a margin for error.) There’s still much heated debate over what sort of value subjective fields like these should be given in court. But by definition, the fact that they’re subjective means that they aren’t “science.”"

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