Sunday, January 10, 2016

Bulletin: Neil Bantleman: Excellent CBC Fifth Estate documentary "Nightmare in Indonesia" now available for view in on the CBC site. Link and background provided. The Fifth Estate probe reveals new medical evidence which challenges the legitimacy of the case against this Canadian teacher accused of sexually assaulting three kindergartners at an elite school;

"Neil Bantleman and his wife were in search of adventure when they went to teach at a prestigious private school in Jakarta. But then came the horrifying accusation from a parent who believed her boy had been sexually abused by staff at the school. It set off an never-ending nightmare for the two Canadians. Last April, Neil Bantleman was convicted of sex assault. Though he won on appeal, he now awaits the ruling of Indonesia's top court and prays that one day they will be free to leave Indonesia and put to rest the terrible nightmare." CBC.

See previous post:  "Major development; CBC 'Fifth Estate' documentary 'Nightmare in Indonesia" reveals new medical evidence which challenges legitimacy of the case against the Canadian teacher accused of sexually assaulting three kindergartners at an elite school; "Tests submitted in Bantleman’s trial by the mother, who goes by the name Pipit, showed her son had contracted the herpes virus. These tests, which she said proved the child had been raped, became crucial evidence in the case against Bantleman. However, at the CBC’s request, Pipit agreed to have her son retested at a reputable European lab. That test came back negative, according to Dr. Sumon Chakrabarti, an infectious disease specialist in Toronto who reviewed the file for the fifth estate. “Beyond a reasonable doubt this child has not ever been exposed to herpes,” he said. The new test retroactively proves the test used in court to convict Bantleman was a false positive, Chakrabarti said."..."The fifth estate reports that police could find no physical evidence to support Pipit’s son’s testimony that he was attacked in a secret room near the school’s staff lounge, and that Bantleman used a magic stone and blue potion to numb him before the attacks. Police could not find the room, a stone or any evidence of a potion. “The (police) couldn’t find any DNA, fingerprints, or any witnesses to prove the boys were ever inside the teacher’s lounge,” the fifth estate reporter Mark Kelley says. According to the report, the rape accusations were met with a mob mentality, as parents became convinced that something terrible had happened at the school." Story accompanied by video."