Monday, January 18, 2016

Commentary: False confessions: 'Making a Murderer': Ontario criminal lawyer Brian Eberdt says innocent Canadians are vulnerable to wrongful convictions too - and cites the evidence to prove it - in a commentary headed: "Reasonable doubt: Making a Murderer - could it happen here?..."Like any criminal justice system, the effective implementation of procedural safeguards is not guaranteed in Canada and the possibility of wrongful conviction is ever-present. In Canada, there have been seven inquiries arising from cases of wrongful conviction and systemic injustice, with a cumulative price tag of approximately $47.1 million." (Must Read. HL);

COMMENTARY: "Reasonable Doubt: Making A Murderer – could it happen here?" by criminal defence lawyer Brian Eberdt, published by NOW Magazine on January 18, 2016. (Brian Eberdt is a criminal defence lawyer with Lockyer Campbell Posner. In the interest of full disclosure, Lockyer Campbell Posner has been involved of most of AIDWYC’s cases. He thanks Caitlin Pakosh from AIDWYC, for her assistance in preparing this article. Reasonable Doubt appears on Mondays.)

SUB-HEADING: "Why wrongful arrests, convictions and unfair trials could (and probably do) happen in Canada"