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Rajesh and Nupur Talwar: Unanswered questions about the case from the Talwar supporter's Web page. (This list omits the biggest unanswered qestion of all: Why are these two innocent in prison at all - and why can't an immediate hearing be held to secure their release and vindication? HL);

PUBLISHER'S NOTE: This list omits  the biggest unanswered question of all: Why are these two innocent  parents in prison at all - and why can't an immediate hearing be held to secure their release and vindication?

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Unanswered Questions

The investigating agencies, media and the courts have held the parents guilty practically from the begining, even though there is no basis. It is unfortunate that the parents are undergoing the trial within the glare of such a negative public perception. If the case had been handled differently, it might well may have been solved by now, without creating so much grief and anguish for Aarushi’s family members. There remain many unanswered questions which need to be pondered over:


1) Why didn`t the police seal the crime scene immediately?

The police did a shoddy job of the investigation as they did not bother to either seal the scene of the crime or restrict entry of visitors including the media. 24 sets of fingerprints were taken from the scene of crime including the whiskey bottle found in the Talwar residence, but 22 of them were not found to be fit for comparison. After destroying vital evidence the UP police left little hope for nailing the accused.

2) Why didn’t the police call for a dog squad?

Clues regarding the identity of the killers may have been revealed if the police had called in the dog squad on the first day. However this golden opportunity was missed by the UP police.

3) Why didn’t the police check the food samples?

The police could have taken the food samples lying in the kitchen of the Talwars’ residence to check if Rajesh and Nupur had been drugged since Hemraj’s post mortem report showed that he did not consume any food that night.

4) Why were the police so lax and not check for blood stains?

A member of the family showed the police some suspected blood stains on the landing adjacent to the terrace and on the terrace door; when the police were shown this, all they said was ‘It seems no one has been here for months together.’ Whose directions were they awaiting by ignoring this evidence on day one? Did they really need to be told by the family members how to investigate?

5) Why did the police speak to the media when an investigation was on?

The UP police had asked Aarushi’s family not to interact with the media, giving them a veiled warning to the effect that it could derail the entire investigation and allow the culprits to escape. So gullible were the Talwars that they believed the Police completely and allowed them to spin a web of lies around them. Even today, these lies continue to vitiate the minds of people and the CBI has continued where the UP police left off. If the Talwars had countered these lies in the initial days itself, maybe Rajesh and now Nupur would not have been arrested for killing their own daughter! But how was a simple family to gauge the vicious minds of the investigating agencies in the middle of the huge tragedy which had struck?


1) Why was the CBI’s first investigation team on this case replaced by a second one, especially since the first team had announced it was about to chargesheet the culprits?

Why does the second CBI team not mention the first team’s investigations:

a. Multilpe scientific tests done on the Talwars including the lie detector, brain mapping and narco are clear whereas the same tests done on the three servants show their involvement in the crime. Why does the CBI not want to believe their own test results? Why did they subject both Rajesh and Nupur to a total of approx 9 tests each, if they were not going to take the leads from any of them?
b. Sound reconstruction test at the Talwars’ house in June 2008 had concluded that sound from Aarushi’s room couldn’t be heard in her parents’ room with the AC on in both the rooms at night. This of course is conveniently missing from the closure report filed by the 2nd team.
c. UV Light Testing on 1 June 2008 apparently didn’t pick up any bloodstains to indicate that Hemraj was killed anywhere except the terrace.

2) Why is the CBI ignoring vital evidence from its own investigation?

The forensic report confirms that Hemraj’s blood was on a pillow cover seized from Krishna’s room. The pillow cover was seized from Krishna’s house after a lead from his narco. When the pillow cover was sent to CFSL for analysis, human blood was recovered. On further analysis in CDFD, Hyderabad, it was found that the pillow cover had Hemraj’s blood on it. What more does the CBI want? Isn’t this incriminating evidence? Krishna’s narco shows his involvement, his pillow cover has one of the victim’s blood on it and the CBI wants to frame the Talwars?

3) IF, AS the CBI says, Rajesh committed the murders under sudden provocation, why didn’t his clothes from that evening have Hemraj’s blood on them?

Rajesh’s driver has very clearly stated that he saw Rajesh in the same set of clothes on the night before (when he came to return the car keys) and on the morning of the murders. It is obvious why Rajesh had Aarushi’s blood on his clothes, but it is more important to note that Hemraj’s blood was not found on his clothes. The description of Rajesh’s clothes on 15th night also matches that of the maid’s description of clothes given on 16th morning. And if as the CBI claims it was sudden provocation on the part of Rajesh, why then has Nupur after all this time been incriminated?

4) Why do  experts at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi completely contradict the CBI’s latest theories about the murder weapon?

The experts’ opinion presented in a report in The Indian Express on 7th June 2008, concluded that Aarushi was murdered with a sharp-edged knife, given the deep cut on her throat (with probably a wooden handle to administer the blunt injuries) — rather than a surgical instrument like a scalpel, which “is so small it can only cut the skin layer by layer”. The murder weapon has been changing from the 1st team (khukri – a curved Nepali knife), to the 2nd team (scalpel, golf club or perhaps a combination of golf club and scalpel). And what evidence does the CBI have for making the golf club the murder weapon? No blood has been found on the golf stick and the scalpel is nowhere to be found. Incidentally, Rajesh had a set of golf clubs at home and the CBI claims that 2 of the golf clubs were cleaner than the others. However the CBI’s own reports show that the golf club allegedly used in the crime had not been cleaned.

5)If Aarushi's  parents had tampered with the crime scene, why would they have left the biggest clue?

The Ballantine’s whisky bottle with many fingerprints and both victims’ bloodstains on their dining table for the police to find the next morning? Was this not the first thing they would have hidden?

6) Why do Raj Kumar’s former employers Dr Praful and Dr Anita Durrani claim that the CBI is misrepresenting their testimony?

The CBI has been claiming that Raj Kumar had an alibi for the night of the murders. But they have deliberately omitted what the Durranis have been saying all through out. Raj Kumar finished his work before midnight and since his bathroom was outside the house’s main back door, he could come and go whenever he wanted.

7) If Aarushis parents were guilty, why did they protest the CBI’s move to close the case last year and insist that investigations continue?

Would they not have been happy that the CBI had decided to close the case? Why were they so vehement that the CBI should not close the case and the culprits should be caught. If they have something to hide, why are they agitating for advanced forensics to be applied such as touch DNA?
THE TECHNOLOGY to solve this murder mystery exists!
Touch DNA is a technique that’s been used in criminal cases worldwide since it can analyse evidence even after years of contamination. In India recently permission was given in the Bhanwari case to get touch DNA done from abroad. ( Why is the CBI refusing to put all speculation to rest and get touch DNA testing on the evidence it has gathered, such as the whiskey bottle with still-unidentified fingerprints?

8) Why does the post mortem report not corroborate with subsequent statements made by the doctor who conducted the PM?

The PM report shows that vagina was NAD (normal) and there was a whitish discharge. However almost 1.5 yrs later, in the statement to the 2nd CBI team the doctor suddenly remembers radical new facts that are not present in the original postmortem report — such as the hymen was “ruptured”, had “an old tear”, “the vaginal orifice… was unduly large”, “mouth of cervix was visible”, the private parts were extraordinarily dilated and cleaned after the murder. These new facts are not only radical but extremely strange. What is the credibility of these findings? Why are they not mentioned in the PM report? In addition, cleaning is inconsistent with the post-mortem report’s claim about presence of whitish discharge.

9) HOW ARE we being ‘sensitive’ to the underclass by unquestioningly believing the police and CBI’s insinuations that Hemraj-the-grandfather was in a sexual relationship with a child?

Is it necessary that the servants are innocent and the Talwars are guilty just because the underprivilged have to be protected? Is there any basis for the innuendoes which have been made first by the Noida police and now by the 2nd CBI team? We seem to be deliberately shredding apart the reputation of both Hemraj and Aarushi after they are dead just because they can’t protect their honor! As a society, we seem to have degraded ourselves to the lowest level possible.

These unanswered questions can be found at the Talwar family's web page at: