Saturday, May 21, 2016

Bulletin: Purvi Patel: Indiana: Arguments set for her appeal appeal Monday, May 23; 'Rewire' reports: "The Indiana Court of Appeals will hear arguments in the conviction of a woman who, prosecutors argue, criminally induced a miscarriage."...". On Monday, attorneys for Patel will argue to the Indiana Court of Appeals that Patel’s conviction of feticide and felony neglect is contradictory, and thus should be overturned. Furthermore, they will say, it opens the door to wide-scale prosecution of pregnancy terminations in the state. Patel’s attorneys argued during her trial that she experienced a miscarriage and was in shock following the event. Prosecutors, meanwhile, argued that Patel took drugs to induce an unlawful of abortion, but that instead of miscarrying, Patel delivered a live fetus that she abandoned."