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Rodricus Crawford: Louisiana: Part Five: Catholics lead calls for court to spare life of death-row inmate; Catholic News Service..."The brief called the conduct of the prosecutor in the capital case, Dale Cox, “inappropriate and unconstitutional.” “The prosecutor, as an agent of the state of Louisiana, should not have misused and misinterpreted passages in the Bible to support his call to the jury for the execution of Mr Crawford. The prosecutor’s own private interpretations of the Bible are his own and he is entitled to his own opinions,” it added. “The problem is that at critical times the prosecutor, Mr Cox, acting as an official agent of the State of Louisiana, publicly injected his own private religious interpretations of the Bible into the trial as the State’s justification to argue for the execution of Mr Crawford. Mr Cox’s statements are particularly egregious in a parish that leads the country in executions per capita and primarily due to the efforts of Mr Cox.” During the trial, in questioning Crawford’s pastor, Cox asked, “Referring to children, Christ said to his followers: Woe unto you, any of that would harm one of these. It would be better … as though you will never born. You will have a millstone put around your neck and dropped into the sea. Do you believe in that concept?” After some back-and-forth with the pastor, who said he believed not only in that passage from the Gospel but also in mercy, Cox asked him, “So, Pastor, then we should just ignore that Scripture from Christ?” Cox used the passage once more in his closing argument. Cox is the acting district attorney for Caddo Parish, or county, which accounts for nearly half of the Louisiana’s death sentences in the past five years."

PUBLISHER'S NOTE: The outrageous conduct of prosecutor Dale Cox on the death penalty hearing  pointed out by the religious leaders is all the worse since Cox was using the Bible in a bid to secure the execution of an innocent man. But the death penalty hearing and the trial itself - with a conviction that ignored the medical evidence pointing to the fact that no crime had been committed - can only make us wonder why Rodricus Crawford was charged in the first place. (Other than his being black in Caddo Parrish, Louisiana and living a lifestyle Cox didn't agree with). Or in Rodricus Crawford's own  words: "It is my firm belief that Dale Cox prosecuted me for the alleged murder of my one year old son because his personal view of my life was not to his liking. I know that may be hard to believe, but it is the only thing that makes sense and is supported by the evidence and his actions. Look at the personal comments he made about me and the specific questions he asked that weren't related to any actual crime or even the alleged crime I am accused of, the phantom time I've been convicted of. Dale Cox took it personally that I smoked weed and I didn't have a job. He was angered because I had multiple beautiful, young women in my life and several children. He didn't like the fact that I lived with my mama. None of these things had anything to do with the alleged crime I've been convicted of. Dale Cox abused his position and his authority to wage his own personal war against a young African American man. I have been accused of smothering my baby boy."

Harold Levy; Publisher; The Charles Smith Blog.

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