Friday, May 19, 2017

Laurence Webb: Cameron Mansell; Australia: Bulletin The 'sacking' of Webb, a highly reputed West Australian scientist, over alleged DNA 'corner cutting' has Mansell, convicted of the 2010 murder of multi-millionaire Craig Puddy, contemplating a fresh appeal; Reporter Phil Hickey; The Canberra Times; May 16. 2017..."According to the ABC's 7.30 Report, Mansell has written to his Perth lawyer Tim Saayman in which he raises new concerns about DNA material used in the case against him. It follows revelations that one of the state's top DNA scientists was sacked for "cutting corners" during testing. Laurence Webb was reportedly involved in analysing DNA samples for dozens of major cases, including Mansell's. Mr Webb also gave evidence at Mansell's trial in 2011. "We need to remember there was a jury, that after hearing this large volume of evidence, they spent two full days on either side of the weekend trying to come to a verdict," Mr Saayman told the 7.30 Report. "There was obviously some discussion going on in there. "Some people weren't necessarily convinced even with the DNA material. Take out the DNA material, what would have happened?"

See earlier post at the link below: "Laurence Webb: Australia: Significant Development: 'Unprecedented' forensic disaster; This leading Australian DNA scientist has been 'sacked' - and 27 criminal convictions placed in doubt to date - West Australian Attorney General John Quigley says..."Mr Quigley said Laurence Webb, the senior forensic biologist with the state-run pathology centre Path West, had been dismissed for failing to follow established protocols. He said Mr Webb's dismissal cast doubt on the convictions of at least 27 people, including those involved in a number of high-profile murder cases. Mr Quigley said Mr Webb was sacked in August 2016 following an investigations by Path West, but the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) was not informed of the sacking until two days before Christmas. Mr Quigley, who became the state's Attorney-General two weeks ago, said he was only told on Monday this week. He described Mr Webb's sacking as a disaster that would have serious consequences."

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