Friday, June 1, 2012

Back in action: Michael Morton; Cameron Todd Willingham; DA Bradley ousted; Handling of cases focus of opponent's campaign. Statesman;

STORY: Morton case focus of opponent's campaign to oust DA John Bradley, by reporters Chuck Lindell and Clair Osborn, published in The Statesman on May 30, 2012. (Editorial note: What goes around comes around! HL);

GIST: "Michael Morton wasn't on the ballot, didn't campaign and didn't back a candidate, but the recently exonerated former inmate cast a long shadow on the Williamson County district attorney race, becoming the key issue in the defeat of a once-popular John Bradley. Jana Duty, a 10-point victor in Tuesday's Republican primary, made Morton a centerpiece of her campaign, focusing on Bradley's decision to fight Morton's 2005 request for DNA testing. It would take six years for a court to order tests that cleared Morton of the 1986 murder of his wife, Christine, and led authorities to another suspect, Mark Alan Norwood. Voters responded by turning out Bradley, Williamson County's lead prosecutor for the past 10½ years and one of the state's most prominent district attorneys.........Beyond the Morton affair, Bradley also was criticized for his leadership of the Texas Forensic Science Commission, which was investigating the science used to convict and execute Cameron Todd Willingham for the arson murder of his three young daughters. Bradley was accused of foot-dragging in the Willingham probe, and fellow commissioners rebuked Bradley for showing potential bias in 2010 by calling Willingham a "guilty monster" during the investigation. Bradley's tenure on the panel ended in additional headlines when state senators, angered at his confrontational attitude during a nomination hearing, declined to vote on his appointment last year."


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