Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bulletin: Rey Moore: Ohio; High Court denies his appeal in Monfils murder; FOX 11;

PUBLISHER'S NOTE: I previously published the following note in connection with the convictions in the Monfils murder: "The Monfils Conspiracy: The Conviction of Six Innocent Men" by Dennis Gullickson and John Gaie", raises huge doubts about the conviction of six men (one since exonerated) convicted in the murder of a paper mill worker named Tom Monfils in 1992. The book, published by IUniverse in 1992, raises genuine concern over the autopsy and other forensic issues involved in the case. Prof. Larry Marshall of Stanford Law School (former Legal Director of the Northwestern University Centre on Wrongful Convictions) says, "The Monfils Conspiracy tells the story of a grave human tragedy. It is a story of a profound injustice which continues to destroy the lives of several wrongly convicted men and their families." This Blog will follow developments."


STORY: "High Court denies Moore's appeal: Conviction stands in Monfils murder," published by FOX 11 on June 14, 2012.

GIST: " The Wisconsin Supreme Court will not hear Rey Moore's appeal - leaving his conviction in place for the 1992 murder of paperworker Tom Monfils. A state appeals court rejected Moore's request in January. Moore appealed to the high court, which decided not to hear arguments on the case.........Moore claimed a witness has changed his testimony, and the new evidence should be heard at a re-trial. However, the appeals court didn't think the new evidence would change a jury's mind about Moore's guilt.......Moore and five others - Mike Johnson, Dale Basten, Mike Piaskowski, Mike Hirn and Keith Kutska - were convicted of beating Monfils and throwing him into a pulp vat in 1992. All were sentenced to life in prison. Piaskowski later had his guilty verdict overturned by a federal judge."

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