Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lindy Chamberlain: Inquest aftermath; "The Age" editorial focusses on flawed forensics at core of the wrongful conviction.

EDITORIAL: "When commonsense went off with the dingoes." The Age. June 14, 2012."

GIST: "The Azaria Chamberlain case will undoubtedly go down in Australia's history as an episode in which mass hysteria and suspicion overtook normal judgment and rationality. That modern police techniques, including supposedly scientific forensic expertise, were lent to a prejudiced investigation and trial adds to the national shame.........That this forensic evidence was shown to be erroneous is an enormous lesson for us all. The testimony by the London Hospital Medical College's James Cameron that Azaria's jumpsuit showed signs of the baby's throat having been cut has been contradicted by later expert evidence about the power of a dingo's bite. The famous spray of ''foetal blood'' found in the Chamberlain's car by another forensic scientist turned out to be a chemical commonly used in automotive manufacture. Yet this conviction was allowed to stand even in an appeal to the High Court. It was only the chance discovery of another piece of Azaria's clothing in a known haunt of dingoes - during the search for the body of a tourist who fell from Uluru - that got Lindy Chamberlain released after three years in jail, and eventually some compensation for the couple's suffering and legal expenses."

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