Friday, August 31, 2012

Bulletin: Massachussetts State Police Crime Lab: Bad chemist may have caused many wrongful convictions.

STORY: "Bad chemist may have caused many wrongful convictions in Massachussetts" published by on August 31, 2012. (Our thanks to the Wrongful Convictions Blog for drawing attention to this important story);

GIST: "A chemist at the Massachusetts State Police crime lab in Jamaica Plain improperly handled drug evidence and breached procedures, leading police to worry about wrongful convictions and potential “miscarriages of justices” by corrupted evidence, state police said Thursday afternoon. Gov. Deval Patrick ordered state police to shut the lab down early Thursday as police and the attorney general’s office investigate possible “malfeasance” of a chemist at the lab that could affect thousands of drug cases over several years. Patrick ordered the lab closing after additional evidence came to light as part of an ongoing investigation looking at “improprieties” at the lab that conducts tests in drug cases. Within the last five days, state police investigators uncovered more improprieties than they originally thought, state police said during a press conference held at the Framingham headquarters. Investigators are looking at one chemist, who resigned in March. Police did not release the woman’s name. Thousands of drug cases will now have to be reviewed, Massachusetts State Police Superintendent Timothy Alben said. The crime lab largely handles drug evidence in Suffolk and Norfolk counties. “The potential is that we have people incarcerated or who have been wrongly prosecuted,” Alben said. “The consequences here are a miscarriage of justice. That is why we are taking this drastic step.”

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