Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Simon Hall; UK. Wife claims only evidence linking him to the crime scene were "fibres." Her plea to MP Ben Gummer for support:

STORY: Stephanie Hall's letter to MP Ben Gummer is published in the Blog set up for his supporters.

GIST: "More alarming is that we have furnished the Commission with a wealth of evidence that not only points to the real killers of Mrs Albert but we have asked that they test the DNA found at the crime scene - which again will link to the killers - this done appear to have been done! Another point we have made to them is in relation to the fact the fibre tapings, collected by the police from the crime scene; the same fibre tapings that gained my husbands conviction; were contaminated by the police themselves!.........The only evidence said to link Simon to the crime scene were fibres. All other evidence pointed away from Simon and towards more viable suspects who were in the village on the night of the murder, looking for houses to burgle. Justice Rafferty quite clearly misled the jury during the 2003 trial when she told them that red dressing gown fibres from Mrs Albert's had been found in one of Simon's cars. This was not true and was in fact a lie Mr Gummer! The CCRC appear to be answerable to no one and therefore I am writing to you in the hope you will intervene on my behalf in order for us to find out what they have done; if anything."

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