Friday, August 24, 2012

Lindy Chamberlain: Michael Chamberlain takes on the Crown's experts and their flawed forensic evidence in "Heart of Stone." The Age.

STORY: Reporter Malcolm Brown's review of Michael Chamberlain's recently published book "Heart of Stone," published by "The Age" on August 11, 2012, under the heading, "A dingo took his life."

GIST: "The book underlines the depth of prejudice against the Chamberlains by a Northern Territory police force and administration desperate to keep alive their image of order and reliability. An NT detective, Kevin Lincoln, who had information supporting the dingo-attack scenario, was not allowed to give evidence at the second coroner's inquest or the trial. Frank Gibson, a one-time NT policeman assigned to guard and spy on the Chamberlains, but who formed a favourable view of them, was threatened within the force. The NT administration comes out poorly, having to be dragged ''screaming and kicking'' to the royal commission and stubbornly refusing to concede very much.........The case looms larger than the people involved. At issue were questions of scientific technique, validity of scientific evidence - including how much the manner in which such experts present their evidence can affect a jury - the mindset that saw Aborigines not used as witnesses at the second inquest or trial, problems with pre-trial publicity, and the capacity of Australians to tolerate those who did not fit the mould. T-shirts with vicious jokes were printed in Darwin, one showing a pair of bloodied scissors and the message: ''Watch out Kahlia! Mummy's coming home!' The book takes the reader on a journey that befell a perfectly normal family on a carefree holiday to Uluru, which became a tragedy for them and the nation."

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