Monday, August 13, 2012

Dr. Michael West (3): Leigh Stubbs and Tammy Vance: Mississippi seeks new trial - without evidence from Dr. Michael West. Judge to rule Sept. 10.

STORY: "State pursues new trial, this time without testimony of Hattiesburg doctor," by reporter Ashlea Surles, published by WDAM on August 6, 2012.

Gist: "A Mississippi prosecutor told a Brookhaven Circuit Court judge Monday that the state would pursue a new trial - bringing the same charges for a second time - against Leigh Stubbs and Tammy Vance. The two were convicted nearly 12 years ago for the assault and attempted rape of their traveling companion Janet Kimberly Williams. But their cases were appealed successfully and the verdict vacated five weeks ago after testimony from Hattiesburg dentist Michael West, which the prosecution used as key evidence, was ruled inadmissible in court. In court Monday a motions hearing, in which the judge will rule if a new trial pursuing he same charges violates the U.S. Constitution's amendment against double jeopardy, was set for September 10.

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See Prof. David Harris  at the following link on why courts should stop accepting bite mark analysis ASAP - before more damage is done:


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