Thursday, August 16, 2012

DOJ/FBI probe into thousands of cases involving possibly questionable hair and fibre analysis. The Canadian (Manitoba) experience may well be useful.

Publisher's Note: In view of the recent decision of the U.S. Justice Department to review possible thousands of criminal cases which may have been tainted by dubious hair and fibre testing, the Canadian experience may well be of interest. An article by Professor Bruce MacFarlane on several miscarriages of justice which caused a review of hair analysis related cases in Manitoba sets out the background - and the results of the review beautifully. Click on the following link which will take you to a list of some of Professor MacFarlane's articles. Then click on the link to the last article on the list "Wrongful convictions: Determining culpability when the sands keep shifting." Once in the article scroll down to page 9B starting with the heading "Forensic microscopy: Hair comparison."


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