Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Amanda Knox: Inside story of the grassroots campaign that helped free her; (Excellent guide for mobilizing against miscarriages of justice.)

STORY: "The grassroots organization that helped free Amanda Knox," by Bruce Fisher, published in Groundreport on December 12, 2011.

GIST: "The positive showing of support observed for Amanda and Raffaele has been carelessly misrepresented by the media, often suggesting that the support was orchestrated by a PR firm at an estimated cost of one million dollars. These ridiculous rumors all stemmed from the fact that Amanda’s parents hired a PR firm headed by David Marriott to organize interviews with the press, essentially working as a buffer between the family and relentless journalists. The agreement with Marriott has never been discussed publicly so the million dollar estimate parroted by the media is fabricated nonsense. The truth is the support for Amanda and Raffaele stemmed from many individual voices that stood up against an injustice."



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