GIST: "Most of this ''dingo evidence'' was available to the coroner Denis Barritt, whose finding 30 years ago this month was that a dingo had taken the baby and that her parents, the pastor Michael Chamberlain and his wife, Lindy, were not responsible. After that, everything got muddied. It included the intrusion of British forensic pathologist Professor James Cameron who examined the jumpsuit Azaria had worn and, some 20,000 kilometres away, pronounced that the baby's throat had probably been cut and that there was a bloodied handprint of a young adult on the fabric. That evidence was flawed and later discredited. But the most fundamental issue was the evidence of Joy Kuhl, a forensic biologist who identified material found in the the car and on scissors as blood and then proceeded to identify foetal haemoglobin, indicating that the blood had come from Azaria. Ms Kuhl, it was alleged, had gone beyond the bounds of her expertise. Even if it had been blood, it had been in the car for more than a year before she set out to analyse it, and the haemoglobin underwent a process of ''denaturing'', or changing in its properties. Ultimately, it was found there was no blood at all, or so little as to be inconsequential."