Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sandy Williams: Justice Scalia gets unexpected support on right to confront actual DNA analyst; Mike Sacks; Huffington Post;

BACKGROUND: the William's raises the important issue as to whether a state rule of evidence allowing an expert witness to testify about the results of DNA testing performed by non-testifying analysts violates the Confrontation Clause, when the defendant has no opportunity to confront the actual analysts.

STORY: The Huffington Post post by Mike Sacks was published earlier today under the heading "Justice Anthony Kennedy confronts Sixth Amendment case, hints at change of heart, cites Hamlet."

GIST: "By the time Deputy U.S. Solicitor General Michael Dreeben rose to argue in support of Illinois, all that remained was the coup de grace. Scalia, seemingly victorious once again, said, "You're telling me that this confrontation clause allows you to simply say, 'Well, we're not going to bring in the person who did the test. We are simply going to say this is a reliable lab.'""

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