Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Brenda Waudby: Smith case; Her lawyer alleges official documents show police and prosecutors knew her guilty plea was wrong; Peterborough Examiner;

PUBLISHER'S NOTE: It is clear from the evidence called at the Goudge inquiry that Brenda Waudby - an utterly innocent individual who's baby daughter had been murdered by her babysitter - had been required to plead guilty to a charge of child abuse under provincial legislation before the Crown would withdraw the the second-degree murder charge on the basis of medical opinions which showed she could not possibly have committed the crime. It is also clear that Dr. Charles Smith's opinion that there were injuries which preceded the attack on Baby Jenna - which led to her being wrongfully charged with murder - was also the basis for the provincial charge, along with what the police claimed to be a confession. Instead of receiving the sympathy and compassion she deserved as a grieving mother whose baby daughter had been murdered, Ms. Waudby, a grieving mother, was herself charged with the horrific crime and not surprisingly became a pariah in her community. Brenda Waudby has been given a raw deal by Ontario's criminal justice system. We can only hope that the Court will hurry up and finally and unequivocally clear her name;

STORY: "Police may have been aware guilty plea was wrong," by reporter Sarah Deeth published in the Peterborough Examiner earlier today.
GIST: "A lawyer for Brenda Waudby is arguing that police and the Crown's office were aware that Waudby may have erroneously pleaded guilty to harming her daughter. Waudby is trying to appeal a 1999 conviction for child abuse. The case is currently before the Superior Court......... Police had the babysitter's confession and shared that information with the Crown's office, stating that the babysitter believed that he had likely hit Jenna with enough force to break her ribs, documents state. Kirkpatrick is arguing that no one told Waudby that someone else had confessed to a crime she pleaded guilty to six years earlier, or expressed any concern that a miscarriage of justice had taken place. The babysitter was charged with manslaughter in December 2005, and pleaded guilty to the charge in December 2006."

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