Saturday, December 17, 2011

Raymond George Morgan: Junk Science: The Brisbane Times places tainted evidence - including body mapping - in the dock; (Great read (HL);

STORY: "Tainted evidence: Science in the dock," by Stuart Washington published earlier today in the Brisbane Times.

GIST: "Earlier this month Morgan won a retrial because the expert's evidence was rejected by the Court of Criminal Appeal. The court found the body mapping was ''simplistic'' and did not use one measurement. In the appeal court's view, the ''science'' of body mapping used in the case of Morgan was wearing no clothes. So much for all those toned and svelte CSI forensic investigators running around on television each week. Morgan's robbery convictions have been overturned at a time when increasing concerns are raised about ''junk science'' appearing before the courts: unreliable expert evidence leading to contaminated criminal trials. At its worst, such evidence could result in innocent people being sent to jail. At the very least, such evidence could tilt trials unfairly."


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