Sunday, December 11, 2011

"Shaken Baby Syndrome:" Rioch Edwards-Brown; U.K. Once falsely branded a baby batterer she is nominated for prestigious Daily Mail award.

STORY: "Falsely branded a baby batterer - now Rioch Edwards-Brown's a fighter for justice" by Beth Hale, published in the Daily Mail on November 24, 2011. The story of a woman who has been nominated for a recently launched award for women who deserve to be recognized for their work. (Ms. Edward=Brown runs a support group called "The Five Percenters" - in reference to what she describes as, "The 1 in 20 cases routinely misdiagnosed as "Shaken Baby Syndrome.")


GIST: "Rioch suddenly realised the finger of suspicion was pointing at her and Ian — and they were devastated when two social workers revealed they would apply to take Riordan into care within days. Reeling with shock, they sought legal help and were able to keep Riordan. Three months later, with clear medical evidence pointing to injuries caused by birth trauma rather than abuse, a High Court judge threw out their case. However, it took eight years before the shaken baby accusation was removed from council and hospital records..."


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