Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bulletin: Amanda Knox: Reasons for decision released; "Judges trash prosecution's case and tactics." ABC News.

STORY: "Amanda Knox: Judges trash prosecution's case and tactics" by reporter Phoebe Natanson, ABC News, published earlier today.

GIST: "The court challenged police tactics during an all night interrogation that prompted Knox at one point to say that she had a "vision" that falsely implicated Patrick Lumumba, a bar owner she worked for. The next morning, Knox tried to retract her statement. In the report the judges show they are in agreement with Knox's defense, stating that due to the "obsessive duration of the interrogations" it is "totally comprehensible that she would find herself in a situation of great psychological pressure -? which to call it stress would reduce it -? which makes one doubt the actual spontaneity of the declaration." (Italian government's DNA evidence - and evidence collection techniques - had proven to be disastrously flawed. HL);


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