Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bulletin: Kevin Martin: (DC); Fox 5 reports that he is the 5th District of Columbia man sent to prison on false hair analysis to be exonerated by DNA. (He joins Martin now joins Donald Gates, Kirk Odom, Santae Tribble and Cleveland Wright);

STORY: "5th DC man sent to prison on false hair analysis exonerated by DNA" by reporter Paul Wagner, published by Fox 5 on March 13, 2014.

GIST:'' A D.C. man convicted in a 1982 rape and murder has been told he has been exonerated by DNA. Kevin Martin spent more than 26 years in prison on a claim by prosecutors his hair was found at the scene of the crime. But newly tested evidence says he wasn't there. It is the fifth case since 2009 in which FBI hair analysis has been found to be wrong......... In 1984, prosecutor Donnie Allison told a judge, "Mr. Martin's pubic hair -- was found by the FBI to have been found on the sneaker of the decedent, Ursula Brown.” But in a filing years later in an attempt to free Martin, attorney Bernie Grimm wrote, "That statement is unequivocally untrue in two respects (1) no one ever concluded that it was Mr. Martin's pubic hair and (2) there is no evidence that a hair was found on a sneaker and that sneaker belonged to the decedent.” In fact, Grimm pointed out the FBI simply said the hair was “like” Martin’s hair. Now, new testing on an evidence rape kit has determined Martin’s DNA was not found at the scene. It was information he received Wednesday in a phone call from a lawyer with The Innocence Project.........Martin now joins Donald Gates, Kirk Odom, Santae Tribble and Cleveland Wright in a group of men sent to prison on hair analysis that turned out to be false."


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