Friday, November 27, 2015

Bulletin: April Luckese; Toronto Star reports: " Mother tells court of alarming call from daycare operator; By the time An Nguyen rushed to the home, her daughter was in an ambulance. She died in hospital hours later." Reporter Alex Ballingall;

"The court has heard that Luckese initially told police she tripped while carrying Duy-An, and the girl hit her head on a banister. She then recanted and claimed that she “lost control” and shook the child, the court was told. Luckese pleaded not guilty to manslaughter. Her defence lawyer is arguing that her statements to police are not true. On Thursday, the court heard from Duy-An’s parents and a man named Trevor Doyle, whose son attended the same daycare. Two days after Duy-An died, Doyle said, Luckese called him. “She said she was very sorry. ‘I don’t know how this happened. It was only one second.’ She basically kept repeating those sentences,” Doyle said. “She assured me that she never hurt my son… She said, ‘I’ve never hit or laid a hand on a child in 15 years.’” Doyle said he didn’t ask what she was talking about." The trial resumes Friday morning."