"A statement released in B.C. Supreme Court says the City of Vancouver unequivocally withdraws its allegations in its opening statement, saying Henry was guilty of the crimes. The trial was to establish Henry's right to compensation, but his lawyer noted during the hearing that the city still hadn't accepted the B.C. Court of Appeal decision that Henry was innocent. The settlement also resolves any claims Henry has made against the Vancouver Police Department. Neither the terms nor the amount of the settlement are being released.........Henry's daughter, Tanya Olivares, described the settlement with the city as "positive." Henry is suing for damages after the B.C. Appeal Court ruled in 2010 that he was wrongfully convicted on 10 counts of sexual assault in 1983. It took more than a quarter century and upwards of 40 applications filed by Henry and his daughters before the appeal court quashed the convictions in 2010."