ANDREW MARK MALLARD was convicted of the murder of Pamela Lawrence in 1995 and sentenced to life. He was released in 2006 after his conviction was quashed by the High Court.
Compensation: $3.25 million.
ROSEANNE BECKETT served the majority of a 12-year sentence for soliciting the murder of her ex-husband in 1989. Her conviction was subsequently found to be malicious.
Compensation: $4 million.
JOHN BUTTON, jailed for five years in 1963 for the manslaughter of his girlfriend Rosemary Anderson. His conviction was overturned in 2002.
Compensation: $400,000.
LINDY CHAMBERLAIN, jailed for killing her daughter Azaria at Uluru in 1980. Her conviction was overturned after she served three years in jail.
Compensation: $1.3 million.
HENRY VINCENT KEOGH had his conviction set aside in 2014 after serving almost 20 years of a life sentence for the 1994 murder of his fiancee Anna-Jane Cheney. Prosecutors have elected not to proceed with a new trial.
Compensation: Not determined.