"A Red Bluff man, who spent more than a decade in prison before being exonerated in October, was back in a Tehama County courtroom on Thursday fighting for his innocence.  Larry Pohlschneider was convicted by a jury for child molestation in 2001. He served 15 years of a 24 year sentence. His conviction was overturned due to an unfair trial. The first day of a factual innocence hearing started Thursday where it will eventually be decided if Pohlschneider is eligible for state compensation for serving 15 years in prison. Pohlschneider sat quietly in the courtroom as he listened to two victims he was convicted of molesting testify. Both victims said separately that Pohlschneider never did anything wrong. The victims said at the time the crime happened, they told investigators Pohlschneider molested them because that's what they thought investigators wanted to hear. They referenced many times during their testimonies that they were very young.
Both victims stated that the only man who molested them was Albert Earl Harris who is serving a 24 year sentence in state prison for the crime. He confessed to multiple molestation charges.........If the court rules in Pohlschneider's favor, he would be eligible for compensation from the state for being wrongfully convicted. A decision in the case isn't expected to happen for a few weeks."