Monday, September 12, 2016

Mayer Herskovic: Brooklyn; Bulletin: Extraordinary Development: Judge dismisses defence DNA 'expert' witness Arthur Young after prosecutor attacks his credibility in alleged gay-bash trial - and gives defence lawyer 24 hours to find a new DNA expert..."A cringe-worthy display played out Monday during the non-jury trial of accused gay-basher Mayer Herskovic, when prosecutors obliterated the credibility of an “expert” defense witness expected to refute DNA evidence that the Shomrim neighborhood watch member had taken part in the attack. In an embarrassing take-down, prosecutor Timothy Gough went point by point through the four-page resume of forensic scientist Arthur Young, illuminating that he had been fired from multiple jobs, embellished qualifications — and even lied in an online questionnaire about past experiences testifying in court. “Has there ever been a time when you were not declared an expert?” Gough asked Young, who tersely responded, “Yes.” “Where?” Gough shot back. “Staten Island,” Young offered hesitantly. “You were not admitted as an expert there?” Gough clarified. “Well, not under that court’s strict standards–” Young began, before he was cut off by Gough forcefully interjecting, “Yes, or no, sir?” “Yes,” the defense witness mumbled. The ADA then went on to force Young to admit his website said he had never failed to qualify as an expert witness–contradicting the testimony he’d given mere minutes earlier. “This needs updating,” Young said feebly when presented with a print-out of his site from Gough, who immediately announced he “objected” to the wannabe expert’s presence on the stand. Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Danny Chun agreed."

STORY: "Prosecutors tear apart ‘expert’ witness in alleged gay-bash trial," by reporter Emily Saul. published by The New York Post on September 12, 2016.

PHOTO CAPTION:  "Failed defense DNA expert Arthur Young leaves the Supreme Court in Brooklyn after testifying in the trial against Mayer Herskovic."

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