Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Shaken Baby Syndrome: Law journals are starting to cover "the legal tangle" surrounding shaken baby syndrome, says Blogger Sue Luttner, on 'On SBS.' Be prepared to read long into the early hours. HL);

POST: "Well said: Law journals  address SBS," by Sue Luttner, published on her Blog 'On SBS';

GIST: Sue Luttner says in this helpful post that  "With manuscripts from seasoned veterans, young idealists, and players in between, law journals are starting to cover the legal tangle surrounding shaken baby syndrome. She provides  references to periodical articles which demonstrate the lack of a scientific basis for the so-called shaken baby syndrome - and the resulting wrongful prosecutions and convictions.  For example: "The University of Wisconson Journal of Law Reform, meanwhile, has published a careful analysis that calls for a review of all past convictions in shaking cases. Senior law student Rachel Burg opens her article with the story of Julie Baumer, who was featured in Emily Bazelon’s New York Times Piece in 2010. Baumer served four years in prison before a pro bono attorney brought in new experts, who unanimously and independently diagnosed venous sinus thrombosis. Burg writes, accurately, I’d say: The truly heartbreaking stories, however, are those that are not told—the innocent people currently in prison, convicted of seriously injuring a child that they loved, based on a medical diagnosis that has become scientifically questionable.  You can download a .pdf of Burg’s article from the journal’s web site,   (And that's just one of them. HL);

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