GIST: "A paediatric expert struck off the medical register for questioning the science behind shaken baby syndrome has described her six years of torment after being reinstated following a successful appeal against the General Medical Council. Dr Waney Squier said she had been targeted because she dared to stand up to the medical establishment. Dr Squier, a consultant paediatric neuropathologist who worked at John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford, had her name removed from the medical register at a tribunal in March. It concluded that she gave deliberately misleading and dishonest evidence for the defence in trials between 2007 and 2010 regarding the deaths from head injuries of four babies and a 19-month-old. But Mr Justice Mitting last week threw out the GMC’s finding and said: ‘It is important she goes back to her work because Oxford, the NHS and the country need to benefit from her skills.’ Last night Dr Squier said: ‘I have been through hell for nearly seven years and I am so grateful to my colleagues, fellow professionals, friends and family for their understanding and forbearance during this long and difficult period. ‘I am relieved that my honesty is no longer questioned and that I can put my name back on the medical register, but I feel very resentful about what has happened. ‘I have been targeted and singled out by the Metropolitan Police because I have challenged the accuracy of shaken baby syndrome.’.........Dr Squier gave expert evidence in cases where parents or carers were accused of killing infants by violently shaking them. She began appearing for the defence after her research led her to conclude the symptoms which apparently ‘proved’ abuse could be caused by other means. This, she believes, inspired the Met to make a complaint about her to the GMC. Civil rights lawyer Clive Stafford-Smith described the GMC’s case against Dr Squier as ‘a witch hunt’ and added: ‘She is still not being allowed to contest the underlying lack of evidence for shaken baby syndrome. This eliminates true science from the courtroom.’"

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