Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Rodney Lincoln; Missouri; Andrew Cohen's disturbing account of a recanting star witness and a criminal justice system which says Lincoln is 'out of luck' even though the evidence against him has evaporated..."Now the police ratcheted up their questioning of M.D., while at the same time giving her candy and spending time with her, buying her dinners and ice cream. They were, she said three decades later under oath, “like dads.” Around this time, one of these “dads,” a detective, told her: “We got a magic door downtown… and we have to go look through this magic door and see if you can find the bad man. If we get the wrong man, we let the bad man go.” Then the detective, to whom M.D. had grown close, showed her two photos. One photograph was of a man M.D. had known as a member of her older sister’s extended family. The other photograph was a mugshot of Rodney Lincoln. The detective told her “that the man who had murdered my mother was in the pictures and I had to pick out the bad man or he would go free. I picked the photograph of Rodney Lincoln,” M.D. would say in her testimony decades later, adding that she did so to please the “dads” who had spent so much time with her following the attack."...The Marshall Project:

STORY: "When the Star Witness Recants," by Andrew Cohen, published by The Marshall Project as a 'case in point'  on November 15, 2016.  (Case in Point: Andrew Cohen examines a single case or character that sheds light on the criminal justice system.);

SUB-HEADING:  "The evidence against Rodney Lincoln has evaporated, but the courts say he’s out of luck."