Friday, March 16, 2012

Bulletin: Brenda Waudby. Charles Smith case. Peterborough Examiner says no advances today in court battle to clear her name. No new date set;

NEWMARKET - The slow, winding legal road to clear Brenda Waudby's record made no advances in Newmarket court Friday morning.

STORY: "Slow process continues for Waudby," by reporter Galen Eagle, published on March 16, 2012, in the Peterborough Examiner.

GIST: "The slow, winding legal road to clear Brenda Waudby's record made no advances in Newmarket court Friday morning........ The parties are still pouring through case material and have not made as much progress as hoped, (Crown Attorney) Wheeler said in an email read in court.........Waudby is seeking to have a June 1999 child abuse conviction overturned. Waudby pleaded guilty to the charge days before the Crown dropped a charge of second-degree murder laid against her relating to the death of her daughter, 21-month-old Jenna Mellor. Jenna was killed in January 1997. Based on the erroneous work of pathologist Dr. Charles Smith, police initially charged Waudby with second-degree murder. Waudby's former babysitter was eventually charged with killing Jenna, pleading guilty to manslaughter."

PUBLISHER'S VIEW: Charles Smith's opinion that there were injuries which preceded the attack on Baby Jenna - which led to her being wrongfully charged with murder - was also the basis for a provincial provincial charge of child abuse. (Ms. Waudby contends that the only reason she pleaded guilty to the provincial offence was that the Crown refused to withdraw the murder charge - which expert evidence provided by both the defence and the prosecution showed she could not possibly have committed - unless she pleaded guilty to the provincial child abuse charge, of which she was also innocent.) Instead of receiving the sympathy and compassion she deserved as a grieving mother whose baby daughter had been murdered, Ms. Waudby, a grieving mother, was herself charged with the horrific crime of murdering her daughter (for which Baby Jenna's babysitter was ultimately convicted), and not surprisingly became a pariah in her community. Brenda Waudby has been given a raw deal by Ontario's criminal justice system. We can only hope that the Court will hurry up and finally and unequivocally clear her name;



I am monitoring this case. Keep your eye on the Charles Smith Blog for reports on developments.
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