Saturday, March 3, 2012

Linda and Daniel Dossey: couple accused of shaking child battles State for custody. Specialist found neonatal rickets. Presumption of guilt? KATU.


STORY: "Couple denies abusing son as they battle State for custody," by reporter

GIST: Linda said the doctors' response to the child's injuries was it "must have been shaking. That this was (a) grabbing motion that must have occurred that caused the shaking." The Dosseys say social services interviewed them and took Joss the next day. "We're grasping for anything," Linda said. "We know that our son has something medically wrong here. Figure it out." Looking for an explanation, the couple found a specialist in Illinois who reviewed Joss' medical file and diagnosed him with neonatal rickets, a rare medical condition that can cause weakened bones. The specialist testified on their behalf at a custody hearing last month but his expert opinion wasn't enough to get their son back. "It hurts. That's all you can say is it just hurts like beyond anything," Daniel said. The Dosseys say there is no proof they abused their son but they have to go through mental evaluations with the state next month. Until then, Joss remains in foster care."


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