GIST: " Among the matters those who had hoped that the application before Justice Marshall would have led to an inquiry had intended to raise were:

The jury was not told that the expertise of Robert Barnes, the primary ballistic ''expert'', whose findings about gunshot residue linked a particular rifle to the murder, had been questioned by the Victorian Supreme Court and his own forensic unit, nor that the conclusions he had drawn about the use of a silencer was contrary to evidence he had given at the inquest, and, in any event, directly contradicted by a witness who was positive he had heard the relevant shots but had not been called at the trial.

Hints of misconduct by police and the prosecution in not disclosing to defence counsel the doubts that had arisen about Barnes, and about his dismissal from the Victorian police forensic science unit. 

Gunshot residue of a type similar to that found in cartridges by Winchester's body was found in Eastman's car. But fresh evidence has emerged from a witness who has produced a gun he said he had used rabbit shooting after borrowing Eastman's car."