Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Michael Arena: Radley Balko sees the psychological test that sent him to proson as a pedophile as, "More Junk Science in the Courtroom." The Agitator

STORY: "More junk science in the courtroom," by Radley Balko published in the Agitator on March 6, 2012.

GIST: The test, defense lawyers say, had an unacceptably high 35 percent error rate that was not disclosed to Arena’s judge and jury. It was never intended to be used to identify pedophiles, they claim, and a university study found that its results were little better “than chance” when trying to distinguish pedophiles from non-pedophiles. In addition, the psychologist who examined Arena inflated the test’s effectiveness and scientific support when he testified at Arena’s trial, leading to a reprimand from a state regulatory agency four years later, court records show. That was the evidence against Arena. The allegations from his two cousins and the test. The test has been shown to be a fraud. The cousins have retracted their allegations. Yet Arena is still in prison."



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