Friday, March 16, 2012

A "Must View". "48 Hours Mystery." "Grave Injustice." Anthony Grave's battle for compensation; (Texas); CBS; Saturday March 17. 10.00 PM:

PUBLISHER'S NOTE: The Innocence Blog has noted that, "DNA testing didn’t free Texas exoneree Anthony Graves, but the case against him was frighteningly similar to many of those who were cleared by DNA. A prosecutor hid exculpatory evidence from the Graves’ defense team, and the state’s leading witness was Graves’ alleged co-defendant. After a district court reversed his original conviction, the state pushed for retrial. After realizing her case was built on nothing more than a thoroughly debunked dog scent lineup and the testimony of a medical examiner who mishandled evidence while on the stand, former Harris County assistant district attorney and special prosecutor Kelly Siegler announced on October 27, 2010 that Anthony Graves was "an innocent man." After producing a powerful, influential documentary on the Graves's battle for his life and exoneration, CBS "48 Hours Mystery" is following through with a documentary on his successful battle for compensation against State officials who attempted to block his recovery on the basis of a drafting technicality. It's a "must view." CBS is to be applauded for the role it played in this epic battle against injustice.

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