Sunday, March 18, 2012

Jeffrey Havard: Radly Balko says the only real evidence against him came from disputed pathologist - and says he's "perilously close" to execution;

STORY: Brief note by Radley Balko published in the Agitator on March 18, 2012, with a link to a "good summary" from one of Balko's previous posts.

GIST: "Jeffrey Havard again denied by the Mississippi Supreme Court. I’ve written about Havard’s case several times, but here’s a good summary. The only real evidence against him was now-disputed testimony from Steven Hayne. Yet he’s now perilously close to an execution date. I’ll have more on this later."

GIST OF THE PREVIOUS POST: " I won’t go so far as to say that Havard is innocent of killing the child. Because there were no witnesses, it’s impossible to know. He had no history of child abuse or violent behavior. And unlike in the Levon Brooks and Kennedy Brewer cases, DNA testing won’t play a role in this case. But it is clear that he shouldn’t have been convicted, and certainly shouldn’t be on death row. In turning down Havard’s latest appeal, Mississippi’s Supreme Court has decided that even after all of the questions raised about Dr. Hayne’s methods, practices, and credibility, they’re still willing put their faith in him, even in a case where his testimony was critical to securing a death sentence, and even when that testimony has been challenged by a medical examiner who, unlike Hayne, has the respect of his peers, isn’t seen as a hack for the state, and is actually board certified in forensic pathology."



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