Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bulletin: Susan Neill-Fraser: Tasmania, Appeal dismissed; Defence focusses on homeless girl's DNA found on partially submerged yacht. The Mercury;

STORY: "Neill-Fraser appeal dismissed," by reporter Zara Dawtrey, published in the Mercury on March 06, 2012.

GIST: Susan Blyth Neill-Fraser, 58, was sentenced to 26 years behind bars with an 18-year non-parole period after a jury found her guilty of the crime in 2010......Bob Chappell, 65, was the Royal Hobart Hospital's chief medical physicist at the time of his disappearance. His body has never been found. Mother-of-three Neill-Fraser has staunchly maintained her innocence from the start and has the full support of her family and friends. She appealed the conviction and sentence on eight grounds in August last year with her legal team focusing on a homeless girl's DNA found on the partially submerged yacht........."There is a legal mine field ahead of as this case is full of issues, and it's a matter of public interest that these issues are addressed," Ms Bowles (a daughter) said.
These included, she said:
  • The poor police investigation involving the misrepresentation of some issues and a failure to follow up on key matters;
  • Police tunnel vision and the strong possibility of new evidence due to a number of loose ends;
  • The trial judge's refusal to allow the defence to recall the witness whose DNA was found on the boat to be recalled;
  • Possible non-disclosure and a possible deliberate strategy by police to not take statements from certain witnesses when their evidence did not suit the prosecution's case.
  • Apparent lack of coordination in the forensic examination of exhibits and significant crime scene contamination;
  • A clearly flawed defence strategy at trial with no witnesses called to counter evidence.


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