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Amanda Knox: At last, the infamous video is utterly discredited ("eviscerated" may be a better word) in a commentary by Knox supporter Karen Pruett called "Amanda Knox: The vendetta continues." Ground report; (Must Read. HL);

POST: "Amanda Knox: The vendetta continues," by Karen Pruett, published by Ground Report, on May 14, 2014. (Author Pruett writes that she is  a member of Amanda Knox’s Greater Seattle Area community and has written about her case since 2010. "I've done extensive research on this particular case because it affects people I know and love, they are innocent and their point of view deserves scrutiny from the public. I'm lucky to have the assistance from Amanda and Raffaele's Advocacy and access to many science, law enforcement and judicial professionals on two continents.")

GIST: "The vendetta against Amanda continues as these nine frames of the long discarded video are being used to cast doubt on her version of events the night Meredith died.  This video is one more pathetic and cruel attempt to abuse a person who is already suffering under a crushing weight.........The first 5 frames of CCTV video shows a woman who does not look like Amanda Knox. This mystery woman in the video being bandied about as “possibly” being Amanda is based on an enlarged, fuzzy picture released to the public, but when you compare the real with the faux Amanda it is easy to see three key things, the hair and the body size are different and the woman is carrying her bag on the opposite shoulder. The first five frames of the clip show that this lady is several dress sizes bigger than Amanda’s petite and slender 20-year old frame; even without a clear shot of her face she appears older than Amanda as well.  This woman’s hair is also smooth and shiny; the lights from the garage glinting off it, and it appears to be longer than Amanda’s 2007 shoulder length cut, it is pulled back in a clip or messy bun.  As creatures of habit, we all have a favorite shoulder for our purses, bags and backpacks, this woman is carrying hers on the left, Amanda carries hers on the right.  Amanda and this lady also have different gaits.  This woman walks like a dancer, toes pointed out, as opposed to Amanda, who is slightly pigeon-toed. In an industry well-known for its off-camera primping and critical eye for fashion, even the interns can see that is not Amanda.  So purposely trying to fool the public with a deliberately edited frame and copying each other’s headlines of “Footage Casts Doubt Over Knox’s Alibi” is intentional misdirection on the part of the media to garner clicks, drive the Buzz Meter or start a Trend.  They copy and pasted the defaming photo like robots, never bothering to take a close look at the video as whole.  This behavior is oft-repeated to the point that the media must believe that they have the right to destroy someone’s life without a second thought. Quarto Grado, the Italian crime show who released the video, also showed a police photo taken of Amanda’s clothing in her room at the villa, insinuating that a gray garment in her closet was the same coat the woman was wearing.  However another police photo taken at the same time, from a slightly different angle, shows that the same garment is much too thin to be the puffy coat bundling up the mystery lady. This is not the first time that this particular video has made the rounds, it was reviewed and discarded during the initial 2007 investigation, except for two instances that show a man walking toward the villa thought to be Guede, his back to the camera, just before Meredith legs are seen walking toward the villa on the opposite side of the street."

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