GIST: "It has been 25 years since two bullets, fired in the quiet of a sleepy Deakin night, ended the age of innocence in Australia. The cold blooded murder of Colin Stanley Winchester, the ACT region’s police chief, is one of Australia’s most notorious and hotly debated crimes. Now, there are whispers that the man convicted of Mr Winchester’s murder - disgruntled public servant David Harold Eastman - may have his conviction quashed, after almost 19 years behind bars. So how did we get to this point?........Here’s a brief snapshot of what we have learnt: Forensics: When Eastman was sentenced, the judge said the case involved "one of the most skilled, sophisticated and determined forensic investigations in the history of criminal investigation in Australia". That’s almost laughable now. The work of expert Robert Collins Barnes, whose gunshot residue analysis provided a critical link between Eastman and the murder scene, has been almost completely debunked in the inquiry, losing nearly all credibility and reliability."

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