STORY: "Supreme court to rule on David Eastman's murder conviction," by reporter Michael Inman, published by the Sydney Morning Herald on May 29, 2014.

GIST: "The inquiry into David Harold Eastman's murder conviction has formally ended, with the board lodging its findings with the ACT Supreme Court on Thursday. The report will now go before the full court for consideration. It will decide whether to confirm or quash the conviction. Even if the court decides to confirm the conviction, it could choose to pardon Eastman and release him from custody. An order to overturn the guilty verdict could result in a retrial. It could also effectively reaffirm the conviction.........The inquiry – which could cost the taxpayer roughly $4 million –  received evidence from its final witness in April and closing submissions were heard mid-May, finishing five months of public hearings. During that time, the inquiry heard of problems with the conviction, including forensics, police harassment, Eastman's mental fitness to stand trial and if the trial judge had been tainted by apprehended bias. It is unknown when the report or the court's decision will be made public."

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