Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bulletin: David Camm; Indiana; Former prosecutor and two experts he hired to work the crime scene and analyze forensic evidence named by Camm in $30 million wrongful convictions court action. Courier-Journal;

STORY: "David Camm to seek $30 million for wrongful conviction," by reporter Grace Schneider, published by the Courier- Journal on May 5, 2014.
GIST: "Ever since he was released from prison last year, David Camm has said “Indiana owes me.” Now he’s going to court with a bill in hand — $30 million — for what he alleges was malicious prosecution following his arrest and imprisonment in the fatal shootings of his wife and two children in September 2000. In a tort claim notice dated April 16 and hand-delivered to Floyd County officials late last week, lawyer Garry Adams of Louisville wrote that Camm will seek the damages for his wrongful convictions, the trauma he suffered while held in prison and his past and continuing loss of income and emotional well-being. The notice is required by Indiana law before suing public officials and was sent to the Floyd County commissioners, Floyd County Council and the Indiana Political Subdivision Risk Management Commission. It names former Prosecutor Stan Faith and four former employees who worked in office — Jacque Vaught, Tony Toran, Mark Henderson and Emily Fessel. Also identified are current Floyd Prosecutor Keith Henderson, deputy Floyd prosecutor Steve Owen, former investigator Wayne Kessinger, and two men who were hired by Faith to work the crime scene and analyze forensic evidence — Robert Stites and Rod Englert.".........During Camm’s third trial, which ended in an acquittal, Camm’s lawyers blamed a biased, inept, even corrupt, initial investigation for Camm’s arrest. In court last fall, Camm’s first defense lawyer Michael McDaniel alleged that Faith withheld information that linked a gray prison-issued sweatshirt found at the crime scene to Boney. Faith has said McDaniel is lying and defended investigators for working to identify the sweat shirt’s owner. Contacted about the tort claim on Monday, Faith said he hasn’t seen the document and couldn’t comment.

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