STORY: "Director of Public Prosecutions argues Eastman's evidence eas 'overwhelming' by reporter Christopher Knaus, published by The Age on May 13, 2014.

GIST: The evidence against David Eastman for the murder of the ACT's police chief was ''overwhelming'', even without the now shaky forensic work, lawyers for the Director of Public Prosecutions have argued......... Counsel for the Director of Public Prosecutions Peggy Dwyer told the inquiry that the circumstantial evidence against Eastman was overwhelming, even with the problems now being identified with the work of the case's most crucial forensic expert, Robert Collins Barnes. Dr Dwyer said there was ''cogent evidence'' against Eastman, including on a motive for the killing. She suggested that even if procedural defects with the trial gave rise to a miscarriage of justice, the conviction should not be interfered with.........She urged the inquiry head not to make conclusions with the benefit of hindsight, or to look at any failings through a prism of what had since come to light about Mr Barnes' work. Dr Dwyer said the prosecution had, at the time, thought Mr Barnes was a credible, professional expert. She also said the DPP had never become aware of any potential problems with Mr Barnes' independence. The prosecution, she said, was not made aware of a recorded phone conversation between police and Mr Barnes, in which the forensic expert described himself as a ''police witness''. ''It never occurred to the prosecution that he would be biased towards the AFP or the DPP,'' she said."