COMMENTARY: "A muddied and messy business"  by Jack Waterford, Editor-at-large, The Canberra Times, published on May 25, 2014.

GIST: "It seems clear that Martin will find that the evidence of the Victorian forensic witness is completely discredited, and, on some matters, invented. Martin gave notice to the DPP of a likelihood that he would find that the prosecution team (which includes the police) failed in its duty to give Eastman evidence and reports that could have helped his defence. It is also clear that he will strongly criticise police conduct over the surveillance, including lying about it to police and ombudsman investigations. It is not so clear that he will find that Eastman's fitness to plead should have been raised. A witness, who produced a gun he says he had in Eastman's car, will be rejected. The judge has had secret hearings into whether there is a plausible case that Winchester was murdered by Calabrian gangsters, and no one knows what the findings will be on this. It is clear that the judge's criticisms of the investigation will be devastating and will shake confidence in the AFP, modern as well as 1989 model, the DPP the ACT government and the courts. We do not yet know if Martin will find that the deficiencies raise doubts about Eastman's guilt. Or if he will suggest that there should be a fresh trial - surely impossible after 25 years.........Eastman's fate now - as since 1993 - is in the hands of judges who mostly seem to wonder what the fuss has been all about."

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